About this site

This site has been created by Imar Spaanjaars, mostly as a pet project using the latest technologies, like ASP.NET AJAX, ADO.NET Entity Framework, jQuery, SQL Server 2008 and more.

Pet project or not, this site may be useful if you're using attributes in .NET. Many of you do use them, without even knowing. If you're new to attributes in .NET, be sure to check out the FAQS section. Otherwise, check out the attributes list or the search page to find the attribute you're looking for.

Right now the site contains an overview of all attributes found in .NET assemblies up to version 4.5. Where available, the details page of an attribute contains a link to the MSDN help file and a short description of the attribute. Additionally, I'll be adding descriptions, code examples and relevant links to as many attributes as possible.